November 9th, 2018


Poem for Friday and Kensington Antique Row

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For reasons not worth getting into, I went to Kensington on Thursday after breakfast -- okay fine, the only way to catch a Nincada in Pokemon Go is to complete the research quest to find five bug-type Pokemon, but it's very rare to get that quest from a Pokestop, and someone I knew said he got it at a stop in a park in Kensington that morning. I was just going to stop at the park, spin the Pokestop, and go home, but it was right near Antique Row, which I had somehow never visited despite having lived in the county for many years and driven right past it on the way to University Boulevard.

So since it was a gorgeous day, I decided to take a walk. I looked at books and glassware and jewelry and dolls and rare collectibles and all kinds of fun things in about 10 stores. Plus I visited the historic train station, which has a B&O Railroad station master's house though that's only open when the farmer's market is taking place in the parking lot, and the Antique Row tea shop though I didn't wait in line for food. I don't know why it took me so long to visit but I will certainly be back. Here are a few photos, including a train reflected in the bookstore window and the Maryland National Guard:

2018-11-08 14.06.37
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Because I hadn't had lunch by the time I left Kensington after 4 p.m., I stopped for Indian food at Mirch Masala in the mall, so I wasn't very hungry for dinner. We watched Crazy Rich Asians, which is finally streaming, and it is every bit as great as I was told; I'm rarely a fan of any rom-coms, but this is only a rom-com superficially in its structure, it's a family drama with a lot of funny moments, a stellar cast, gorgeous views of Singapore and the locations in Malaysia that doubled for it, and lots of interesting women who I wish had talked more about their lives and less about their men!