November 24th, 2018

green little review

Greetings from Alternate History

We had a low-key Black Friday in which no shopping took place other than going out to pick up California Tortilla to feed the family at home because Daniel had to work part of the day, as did Paul; meanwhile, Adam got a job offer he's delighted with, though I am not allowed to say where yet, so he spent the day looking up housing in San Francisco and places to visit out there. We watched the beginning of the third season of The Man in the High Castle because the kids had not seen it.

In the late afternoon we picked up Maddy and we all went to my parents' for leftovers, which were very good again though now I don't want to see tofurkey roast for a year (I always felt that way about actual turkey roast as well). Then we came home and watched a few more episodes of The Man in the High Castle, which we are hoping we can finish by tomorrow night while everyone is still here, though tomorrow afternoon we're hoping the weather permits to let us take everyone up to see Paul's parents. Here we are with cats:

2018-11-23 14.59.44
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