December 14th, 2018


Poem for Friday and Longwood Forest Lights

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I went to an EX raid at Montgomery Mall this morning, where I caught a Deoxys but the real fun of playing Pokemon Go today was trainer battles -- I actually beat some guys half my age, though we were all mostly just testing what we could do, not really competing. Plus someone in the group was just back from Australia and traded me some Pokemon from places with names like Indooroopilly, which is the greatest suburb name in the world.

Pretty much the entire rest of my day was devoted to finally getting my holiday cards in the mail, with the exception of two going to people whose addresses have changed and the ones in the neighborhood I will put through people's mail slots myself. The line was so long and people were so cranky at the post office that I bought Santa stamps from the machine to avoid it even for Jewish relatives, but the overseas stamps are entirely white.

I had so much catch-up to do online in the evening that I watched nothing but the occasional glance at the Chargers-Chiefs game, which apparently was very close and quite exciting but I was very distracted. One of Longwood Gardens' holiday displays this year were these color-changing globes in the woods that reminded me of the Bruce Munro exhibit with the Forest of Light from 2012, which I didn't have the right camera to do justice photographing:

2018-12-05 18.03.10
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