December 18th, 2018


Poem for Tuesday and Longwood Gardens Christmas

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My Monday was not exciting and I don't even have a goofy Marvel holiday special to shriek about, but the rest of the week will be a lot more interesting! I did a lot of chores, went food shopping with Paul, got my hair cut, and took a walk in the park for a Ho-oh raid, at which I did not catch a shiny, but hey, I have a perfect Gulpin.

We caught up on the Matthew McConaughey-Hailee Steinfeld episode of Graham Norton and watched some of the Saints-Panthers game, though we'd switched to The Daily Show before it ended and I couldn't pass a quiz on any of the above. Here are some of the magical tree lights at Longwood Gardens during this holiday season:

2018-12-05 17.47.36
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