December 19th, 2018

little review

Poem for Wednesday and Birthday Festivities

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Quickie, I got back here late and am buried in holiday-week email and stuff but I had a lovely afternoon with my nieces -- we picked up Maddy from the mall, then drove with her to BWI to get her sister Noelle from the airport, then we went to my parents' where we met Adam and Katherine and all had dinner and birthday cake for Maddy, who will be 21 in a couple of days! Then we drove her home, brought Noelle back here, and now I am trying to get organized for tomorrow when we will take them both to see their grandparents in Pennsylvania, so more tomorrow! Maddy hates being in photos so she took them of all of us instead and included her arm to prove she was there:

2018-12-18 20.07.50
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