December 22nd, 2018


Poem for Saturday, Ready Player One, Cat Celebrations

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I have been up since before 6 a.m. so Paul and I could drive Noelle to the airport, and I couldn't even take a nap because we had a plumber coming to fix the upstairs hall toilet (they pretty much had to rebuild the tank). So I am not sure I even remember my day correctly, though it was fine -- weather was unseasonably warm with periods of rain, I went to two raids in Cabin John Park which was only slightly more muddy than usual; we had dinner with my parents and Adam, then watched Ready Player One because Adam had not seen it and it came up over dinner. Our cat-loving neighbor Rose brought presents for us and the cats, so here's a photo of us with ours and another of Effie watching a squirrel menace the house from the deck:

2018-12-21 12.23.48A
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