January 15th, 2019

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Poem for Tuesday, Tidelands, Still Snowed In

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Between the government shutdown and the foot of snow we got over the weekend, nearly everything in the area was closed on Monday (and once again we didn't get our recycling picked up). Paul's office was closed, so we had a quiet day here working on our computers while watching the last several episode of Tidelands, which I enjoyed more than I probably should have; it's pretty soapy and unnecessarily violent but all the major characters are women and the ostensible villain is not judged for her extensive promiscuity (nor for her scheming, really; her motivations are a lot better developed than the women in most action movies).

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We went out briefly in the late afternoon to CVS so I could do a Pokemon raid, then had Indian food for dinner because there are several Indian holidays this week. Then we watched a PBS show on the Queen Mother that was apparently made by the BBC and is narrated by Anna Chancellor, though I can't find it on the IMDb or figure out whether it's for sale anywhere because I know a few King's Speech fans who really need to see it and it wasn't on in their markets -- there's tons of George VI newsreel footage and among people interviewed is Mark Logue, Lionel's grandson, showing pages from his grandfather's scrapbooks that I had never seen before!