January 23rd, 2019

green little review

Poem for Wednesday and Tiffany Lamps

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Adam's girlfriend Katherine stayed at our house last night when we got back from New York, so I got most of my work done in the morning, then took them out for lunch at Bagel City, where we got extra bagels to bring home and shared desserts. Katherine is a Pokemon Go player -- we did a raid at the gym at the Wall Street Bull statue in New York's financial district -- so I took her to the JCC to do a Groudon raid there with a lot of my usual group, after which we went to World Market looking for holiday marzipan and settling for cheese and holiday tea on sale.

Late in the afternoon, Adam drove Katherine to College Park to water her plants there, then took her home for the rest of winter break to Fredericksburg, where they had dinner out for Restaurant Week. Paul and I did not have anything so exciting for dinner but we watched The Flash (yay, Killer Frost) and The Gifted (yay, Kate) before catching up on this week's Victoria (yay, Jenna Coleman, though there is a lot of fudged history on this show). Here is some magnificence from the New York Historical Society's Gallery of Tiffany Lamps:

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