February 13th, 2019


Poem for Wednesday and Alexandria Shipwreck

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It rained all day Tuesday, which I suppose is an improvement on snowing all day but it was cold and gloomy and I'd rather have sun on snow. I did work in the morning, then went to the mall for bubble tea and Pokemon just to walk somewhere not cold and wet. I had to wait to get home because a mail truck and a UPS truck were parked on opposite sides of my cul de sac right next to each other so that no one could turn in.

After dinner we watched The Flash, which was a more interesting Nora episode than most (Groundhog Day scenarios are always fun anyway), then The Gifted, which was good though very violent and had a Terrible Thing happen that I hope does not end up being permanent. The Torpedo Factory houses the Alexandria Archaeology Museum, which in addition to artifacts from homes and shops has parts of a merchant ship unearthed there:

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