February 27th, 2019


Poem for Wednesday and Finding Crocuses

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We had gorgeous weather on Tuesday and I got to go to see crocuses! Cabin John Park is usually the first place I see purple crocuses -- there weren't any open yet at Brookside Gardens last weekend, nor in the usual yards in my neighborhood -- but there were already a bunch open in the park, where I wanted to walk even before I went to meet a friend who only just joined the local Pokemon group. The raid wasn't memorable but they told me how to catch Smeargle, which I did.

2019-02-19 16.41.42
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My friend Annmarie is back in town for the second time in less than a month, this time for the groundbreaking for the national memorial for Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield, of which she's a veteran. She spent most of the day at the event with slightly more famous people than me, like Dick Cheney, then she met me and Paul at the Laredo Grill for Mexican food. When we got home we watched the season finale of The Gifted, sad but satisfying, and Miracle Workers, still total crack!