March 1st, 2019

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Poem for Friday and VMFA Faberge Eggs

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I had a fairly quiet Thursday, though the weather was gorgeous and I wanted to make sure I got out to enjoy it before whatever wintry mix we're supposed to get overnight. There are still crocuses and snowdrops in the park, and lenten roses in my neighborhood. It was kind of a busy news day here and in Vietnam and the Middle East, so I kept checking the headlines, too.

We watched tonight's episode of The Orville, whose resolution felt rather rushed but was in most ways enjoyable and it looks like none of the major arcs are over from next week's previews. Then we caught up on Victoria, which I dislike this season -- the major characters have all become so unlikable and childish. From Richmond's VMFA, the Faberge Egg collection:

2019-02-09 15.21.08
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