March 7th, 2019

get critical

Greetings from Atlantis

I had a nice Wednesday -- got some work done in the morning, then met my high school friends Linda and Stephanie for lunch at CAVA, where we caught up on mutual acquaintances, world politics, health issues and our families. We are meeting again next week with another friend so this is a big treat that we have to do more often! Afterward I went to CVS with Stephanie and did a raid at the Pokemon gym on the corner before heading to AC Moore for some jewelry findings.

Paul made chick'n and biscuits for dinner, but the real highlight of our evening was Aquaman, which is finally streaming so we have finally seen it! I had been advised not to think about the physics too much or the women's roles in Atlantean society at all, and also not to count things swiped from other movies (which may in turn have swiped from the comics, I don't know), but Collapse ) Wow, it got late typing that, so here, have some Brookside geese: