March 9th, 2019

green little review

Poem for Saturday and Brookside Flowers

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My Friday was weird and mostly involved working on a Shutterfly book that must be finished by Sunday when my coupon expires. I had plans with Alice, but her son had too much homework, so those got postponed. My mother's birthday is this weekend, so I was going to pick up a cake for her and have dinner with my parents and son, but she had some horrible dental work done earlier in the week that required heavy meds which left her dizzy; she stumbled and cracked her ribs and is now in horrible pain, so we postponed her birthday dinner, too.

So I wound up just doing stupid chores, getting into arguments on other people's Facebook timelines for insisting that their facts be correct if they're going to post political opinions, and not getting as long a walk as I wanted because it snowed all afternoon though almost nothing stuck. We watched Blindspot, then because I was in the mood for it we watched the Ritchie-RDJ-Law Sherlock Holmes (I can only watch things I've seen before while working on photo books). Again I need spring, so here are flowers from Brookside Gardens' conservatory:

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