March 19th, 2019

green little review

Greetings from FIOS Hell

My FIOS is flickering in and out and I'm trying to chat with Verizon while typing this, so I'll keep it quick. It was a quiet Monday anyway: Paul went to work, Adam went to his internship at NASA, and I went to do chores, plus a walk in the park since the threatened snow and wintry mix never arrived -- we barely even had drizzle. I did exciting things like laundry and trying to fix our #&$@ing cable. Also got a jury duty summons for right before Passover so hopefully if they put me on a jury it's a very short case!

Adam got home from NASA just in time for dinner, after which he watched the Black Lightning season finale with us (all CW shows should be short seasons) and this week's The Enemy Within, which was pretty good though this week's previews were very misleading. I am still trying to get my internet straightened out and any web page that loads as I scroll like Facebook and Flickr is being very difficult, so I shall just post some happy frisky spring peeper frogs and frog eggs from Huntley Meadows on Sunday:

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