March 27th, 2019

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Poem for Wednesday, Thor, Winterthur

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Cheryl came over on Tuesday so we could hang out, since we haven't just hung out in ages! We picked up Indian food at the mall and watched Thor and Thor: Ragnarok because we were totally in the mood for Thor and Loki (with no Dark Elves blowing things up). Plus we had some Easter candy and took a walk to see daffodils and the bunny who lives next to my house. So, perfect afternoon!

In the evening, Paul and I had faux-ham-and-cheese pie for dinner, watched some NCAA basketball, then checked out the first episode of The Widow, which was okay -- great cast, not-so-great screenplay -- followed by the season finale of Miracle Workers, which remains totally insane. Some photos from Winterthur's Enchanted Woods, the children's garden and the awesome castle folly:

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