April 22nd, 2019

green little review

Greetings from Mount Vernon

Sunday was as beautiful as Saturday -- a few degrees cooler, a bit more overcast -- so after lunch we went to Mount Vernon, which has lambs in the farm and we figured it wouldn't be very crowded on Easter Sunday. Adam and Katherine had made good progress on their math homework and wanted to see lambs too, so they came and met us there for a walk through the upper and lower farms and the woods trail. Since Katherine had not visited in her memory, we also watched the movie and took the house tour, though the house is having extensive renovations so the tour is abbreviated and a lot of the furniture is out.

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We had to drive through Alexandria to get home, so we all went to Bilbo Baggins for dinner and shared several cheese plates, brie en croute, veggie pizza, fruit, and chocolate desserts before the kids headed back to College Park and we headed home. We missed part of Supergirl doing chores, but we watched the BBC Les Miserables (not quite my Valjean but SO MUCH my Javert) and Madam Secretary (which features a huge terrorist attack murdering diplomats used entirely for plot manipulation, which pissed me off). Now we're watching John Oliver create a mascot for a Japanese city, a letdown after the Mueller Report.