April 27th, 2019


Poem for Saturday and Floral Library

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Suddenly I'm seeing that poem everywhere -- Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit -- and since I made Paul rescue a spider from our bathroom today, I figured I'd share it. I had an early appointment to have my blood drawn for lab work, so I couldn't eat and I had to drink lots of water, and of course they kept me waiting 20 minutes in the waiting room, so I left there rather cranky even though I had the greatest tech in the history of medicine and no pain at all. Since I was ravenous, I took myself to Bagel City for egg salad for lunch, then stopped in Pier 1 a couple of doors down because all their winter candles are on sale.

There was a Giratina raid in the park on my way home, so I did that, then did a bit of work before Paul got home and we went to my parents' for dinner. We came home for Blindspot, only to discover that 1) it wasn't on this week and 2) we never caught up on the one that aired the night Passover started, so we watched that, then we watched the Orioles play terribly for a few innings before Graham Norton came on with Daniel Radcliffe, Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, and a couch full of women (he plays the James Bond character in the Playmobil movie). From downtown last weekend, the Floral Library, which at this time of year is all tulips:

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