May 3rd, 2019


Poem for Friday and Fannish Stuff

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I spent lots of my Thursday being a happy fangirl. Cheryl came up and we went into downtown Bethesda to meet Jill and Toni for lunch at True Food Kitchen, then we drove through a massive thunderstorm to the mall, where we looked at fannish stuff in GameStop and Hallmark, girly stuff in The Icing, and ice cream at Cold Stone. Plus my good friend Veronica in London sent me British Marvel postage stamps!

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Paul and I had peanut noodles and almond butter tofu for dinner and watched Cloak and Dagger, which was both very well acted and upsetting this week. Then we watched the first two episodes of A Discovery of Witches, which I enjoyed a lot, though as much for the great cast and the shots of Oxford as for the story, which was slow to get going. I am days behind on email and social media comments, will catch up on Friday!