May 18th, 2019


Poem for Saturday and Maymont Mansion

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My Friday had several nice surprises. We didn't get as much rain as was forecast in the morning, so I got to go for a walk in the park. The repair people not only steam cleaned the carpet in the upstairs bedroom closet, but the entire bedroom, so it's the cleanest it has been since older son was about 6. And Karen and Jim were unexpectedly available for dinner, so we went to the Yard House, which has lots of inexpensive happy hour appetizers including many vegetarian options -- the food was very good and we hadn't seen them in ages, so that was lovely!

There were new Pokemon released in PoGo today too, but I haven't caught them yet, though I confess I started a new account for raiding -- it's reached level 21 in 3 days. We got home in time for Agents of SHIELD, whose timelines have me confused but at least May is getting tons to do, then we caught up on Cloak and Dagger (so dark and violent, though I appreciate that they're doing a decent job with the Voudon practices) before Graham Norton with Octavia Spencer and Will Smith. Here are some photos from Maymont of their casual, accessible decorating style:

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