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The Little Review
Making No Compromises With the Public Taste
Sunday, May 26th, 2019 
I have both my kids here so I will make this quick! We had a nice Sunday with Adam after doing some cleanup, going downtown to Artechouse's fantastic In Peak Bloom exhibit, which is entirely interactive -- wave your arms and graphics of sakura petals go flying, touch a plant and it plays music -- and uses AR not only to make ghostly animals appear, but to make the drinks from the in-gallery bar bloom, shoot fireworks, and send dragons flying from the glasses. They strictly limit the number of people in the exhibit at a time, so it wasn't crowded and it was visually amazing.

By then we knew Daniel's flight was delayed due to weather and mechanical issues, so we went to the Freer Gallery's Whistler in Watercolor plus the recently refurbished Peacock Room, which now has copies of the original blue china displayed there. Then we picked up Daniel at Dulles, went to my parents' for dinner (plus graduation cake for Adam and birthday cake for my father), and now we're home doing laundry and trying to get things organized while Daniel shows us Stephen Colbert playing D&D for Red Nose Day. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

2019-05-25 15.27.46
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Posting early from the airport because at midnight I'll hopefully be over the Atlantic en route to Iceland! We spent Sunday getting ready to travel -- two of us needed TSA-friendly backpacks, one of us needed jeans, one of us needed a coat -- and getting packed and organized to go. Now we're debating Smashburger vs. &pizza for dinner at the airport so we can sleep on the plane and hit the ground running in the very early morning. More soon!

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