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The Little Review
Making No Compromises With the Public Taste
Sunday, June 23rd, 2019 
BlueberriesCollapse )

We all slept a bit late on Saturday, especially Adam who is not fully adjusted to being in this time zone, then we had lunch together and went to Homestead Farm to pick blueberries, which are abundant this season. We also went to look at the blackberries, but very few of them were ripe yet, and the tart cherries, whose season seems to be coming to an end, though we saw a bird's nest made with cherry stems in one of the trees -- both parents and babies were present! And we visited the goats, alpacas, and pigs.

2019-06-22 15.04.12
Blueberries and BeastsCollapse )

We had Thai food for dinner with my parents, who wanted to hear about Adam's trip, then we went to the food store because we needed both human and cat food and were out of skyr. After we came home and fed the aforementioned starving cats, we watched the first two episodes of Good Omens, which we figured Adam would enjoy. (Apparently we missed the Nationals blowing a substantial lead to the Braves.) I love this part of summer!
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