June 24th, 2019

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Greetings from Brookside Gardens

Adam did some organizing in his room on Sunday, since he needs to decide what will stay here, what will move to San Francisco with him, and what will be sold or given away. So Paul and I did a bunch of household chores, then Paul made blueberry pancakes with the berries we picked Saturday. After we ate them, we all went to Brookside Gardens to see the Wings of Fancy butterfly exhibit and all the turtles, adolescent goslings, tadpoles-turning-into-frogs, and many birds!

2019-06-23 15.15.31
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We stopped at both MOM's Organic Market and Roots Market on the way to and from the park to get vegan meat and herbal tea (I have finally tried CBD -- tastes likes regular mint tea, did not make me lose 20 pounds or cure my thinning hair). The latter was out of the vitamins that were the main thing I needed there! We had Beyond Burgers for dinner and watched more Good Omens, which has such a lovely Hitchhikers Guide-esque view of human history with a happier ending.