June 28th, 2019

green little review

Poem for Friday and Brookside Butterflies

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I had a very nice Thursday -- Cheryl came here, picked me up, and drove us both to meet Jill and Toni for lunch at First Watch in Laurel, where we spent a couple of hours eating and talking. Then, since we were only a couple of blocks away, we went to The Crystal Fox, Laurel's wonderful witch store, where Cheryl convinced me that I really did need that painted animal card deck and that Norse mythology-themed deck.

When we got back to my house after a quick stop at the post office, we watched the first two episodes of Good Omens (YES I KNOW but she hadn't seen it) before Cheryl had to go home. Then Paul made veggie burgers and we watched last week's Agents of SHIELD before this week's Elementary, so I think we are finally caught up on TV. Here are some of the butterflies from the Wings of Fancy exhibit at Brookside Gardens last weekend:

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