June 29th, 2019


Poem for Saturday and Brookside Flowers

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It was a fairly quiet Friday around here -- chores, a bit of work on the Iceland photos, then I went out for a Groudon raid and met what turned out to be a group of middle schoolers who had insisted on waiting because they were watching the women winning in the World Cup and didn't want to miss anything, which made me happy! (Plus I caught a 93 IV Groudon!)

We had dinner with my parents, then came home for Agents of SHIELD plus catch-up on Blood & Treasure and The 100 before this week's Graham Norton with Tom Hanks, Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, and the insufferable Gwyneth Paltrow who claims her famous father kept her completely level-headed. More from Brookside, this time summer flowers in the outdoor garden:

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