June 30th, 2019

little review

Greetings from Richmond

Quickie, we're in Virginia, where we went to Cheryl's house and headed to Greek Cuisine West End to have awesome food and met Lin, then we all went to the Science Museum of Virginia to see the amazing Pompeii exhibit, plus some quick visits to other displays, particularly the Curious George traveling exhibit (I didn't know the authors were Jews who'd fled Europe while writing it).

Then Lin headed home and the rest of us drove by Agecroft to see whether there were still tickets to The Tempest that evening, but the box office wasn't open yet and it was over 90 degrees so we decided instead to see Yesterday, which is a complete delight and has many laugh-out-loud funny lines including a Harry Potter joke. Here are a few photos -- more when I'm home!

2019-06-29 15.59.49A
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