July 11th, 2019

green little review

Poem for Thursday and Maryland Elephants

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I had a fairly quiet Wednesday morning doing boring stuff, then Adam and I went to Bagel City to get bagels for lunch and bagels to bring home. He spent most of the day organizing his room, sorting what he needs to ship, what he needs to pack, what he wants to store, what he wants to give away, and what he needs to throw out. I did one Armored Mewtwo raid when they appeared after 5 p.m., then we had dinner together.

Paul had discovered that Capricorn One was on Amazon Prime, and since that is apparently the basis of so many moon landing conspiracy theories, we figured it was a good week to watch it. I knew O.J. Simpson was in it but I didn't realize it also had both of Barbra Streisand's husbands and other familiar faces. It feels surprisingly undated in some ways though it looks very 70s. Elephants from the Maryland Zoo:

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