July 26th, 2019

little review

Poem for Friday and Oracle Park

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I still don't have a vehicle. I don't even want to talk about it. I got out of the house to the park for a little while, and I got all the twin sheets and comforters out of the linen closet to give away (with a great deal of kitchen stuff and clothing that Adam brought home from college but doesn't need in California) now that we have no twin beds in the house, but otherwise I have frustration.

We caught up on The Loudest Voice, in which Russell Crowe behaves so repulsively that it's hard to remember I ever found him attractive, and we watched this week's Elementary, from which I was distracted by a couple of phone calls and chat messages but I know Odin is bad news. I am no Giants fan but everyone who told me their stadium was the most beautiful in the U.S. was right:

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