July 31st, 2019

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Poem for Wednesday and Japanese Animals in Art

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My Tuesday was not more eventful than my Monday: more chores, an article on a Star Trek topic I'd not written about in a long time, bills paid, a bit of blah shopping. Plus I literally lost my marbles -- I'd had a bag of marbles saved for a project and the bag is gone, I've looked everywhere. I had no stomach for two nights of zillion-candidate Democratic debates.

Instead we watched the penultimate episode of The 100 this season, which made me sad, and Blood & Treasure, which is fun fluff. From the National Gallery of Art's Life of Animals in Japanese Art exhibit, zodiac animals, Inari foxes, raccoon dogs, an elephant by an artist who had never seen a live one, and traditional and contemporary penguin kimono:

2019-07-28 14.10.15
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