August 2nd, 2019


Poem for Friday and Walter Reed Medical Center

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I spent most of the day with a friend who had an appointment for a MRI at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and since she's as claustrophobic as I am but couldn't have an open MRI, I told her I'd drive her so she could relax. We had lunch at the mall at Mirch Masala and stopped in stores -- we may have tried on too many perfumes at Sephora -- then I got a brief walking tour of the hospital, which I have never been able to enter before, though it's right across from NIH.

I did some reading and played some Pokemon while she was with doctors -- lots of people in uniform were purifying Team Rocket Dratini with me then she came back here for dinner (Paul made barley stew for Lughnasadh), so I had a nice day with her though I'm sure she wishes we'd spent more of it doing something else! We watched Elementary after she went home and I am worried how they're going to wrap up the series. Here are a few photos from the public areas of Walter Reed:

2019-08-01 16.43.42
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