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The Little Review
Making No Compromises With the Public Taste
Monday, August 5th, 2019 
Back from Richmond, where we had a lovely day with Cheryl and Lin, first at the VMFA, where we saw the quite dark Awaken: A Tibetan Buddhist Journey Toward Enlightenment, the impressive Cosmologies from the Tree of Life: Art from the African American South, the charming A Return to the Grand Tour: Micromosaic Jewels from the Collection of Elizabeth Locke, and the interesting Transatlantic Currents: American Art from the Collection of Jane Joel Knox, then at Mexico for lunch. Afterwards we went with Cheryl to Deep Run Park, where we saw turtles, frogs, fish, and lots of dragonflies before we headed home to our cats, laundry, and The Loudest Voice. A few photos:

2019-08-04 12.57.13
Museum and ParkCollapse )
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