September 22nd, 2019

green little review

Greetings from Calvert County

We have spent the day in spectacular weather near the Chesapeake! First we went to Annmarie Garden's annual Artsfest, where we met Cheryl, ate lunch while listening to the Sidleys, looked at lots of glass, jewelry, and pottery, shared awesome roasted nuts, stopped in the nature area, and enjoyed the art back in the trees. Then Cheryl headed home and Paul and I went to Flag Ponds Park, where we walked through the woods to the beach and spent an hour wading, looking for shark's teeth, watching little fish swim and gulls fly, plus a couple of crabs scuttle in the marsh (they refused to let me photograph them). We stopped for Mod Pizza in Dunkirk on the way home, then watched The Prestige because I was in the mood for it. We missed most of the day's college football except via highlights, though I hear my sister's alma mater beat Michigan. Just a few pics:

2019-09-21 13.21.54
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