October 16th, 2019


Poem for Wednesday and Adventure Aquarium Penguins

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The Nationals have swept the Cardinals and are World Series-bound after a fantastic first inning and solid pitching when they needed it the rest of the game! And now you know what I spent my evening watching (on TV -- my father and his friend were there). My loyalty is still first to the Orioles, but it is exciting to have a local team going to a championship (maybe even beating the Yankees).

So there is lots of joy in DC tonight. Most of my day was not as thrilling, unpacking and laundry, though I did have lunch with Kay for her birthday at CPK, after which I walked around Washingtonian Lake, did a couple of Giratina raids with folks I'd never met, and bought a chenille sweater on sale at Target. Here are some of the little blue and African penguins at Adventure Aquarium:

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