October 21st, 2019


Poem for Monday and Brookside Chrysanthemums

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Tropical Storm Nestor dumped rain over the DC area from dawn till dusk, making it a dark, gloomy, wet Sunday. Which is okay, since it was a dry end of summer and I want the fall color to last, but I'd rather it have been on a weekday. We had a quiet morning, had soup and crackers for lunch, then went to Brookside Gardens to see the carnations in the conservatory, hoping the rain would let up enough to make a walk through what's left of the outdoor flowers appealing, though it came down steadily.

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We'd watched the beginning of DC's soggy, boring loss to San Francisco and came home to the surprise of the Ravens' defense beating the Seahawks' offense. Sunday is a crowded TV night now that the fall network season has started; we watched Batwoman, which I enjoyed a lot, Supergirl, which needed more Lena and a lot less Brainy/Nia, and Madam Secretary, which sometimes helps restore my faith in political rhetoric -- these days I will choose a bit didactic and oversimplified over the real world!