October 24th, 2019

green little review

Poem for Thursday and University of Pennsylvania

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Once again I have spent all evening watching the Nationals beat the Astros, in commanding fashion this time which was extremely enjoyable to watch! So I will be brief! I stopped at my parents' house to pick up a dress I had my mother's seamstress alter and ended up staying for breakfast, then I went to Cabin John Park for a Darkrai raid and a walk because it was gorgeous out.

Afterward I came home to get some work done before dinner and feed cats who were distressed because there was a bunny in the front yard. From our visit to Penn the weekend before last, Locust Walk from Superblock toward 34th Street, including two Ben Franklin statues, the Wharton School (yes I know), the English Department, and three views of the gorgeous Fisher Fine Arts Library:

2019-10-13 16.22.34
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