October 30th, 2019


Poem for Wednesday and Longwood Chrysanthemums

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Hoarse post-sixth-game quickie after yelling a lot at the TV, first because of one of the worst calls in World Series history, then because Anthony Rendon and Stephen Strasburg took their rage and put it into a couple of amazing innings and won the game. I had a very nice, very busy day beforehand: rushed through chores in the morning to go meet three high school friends for lunch at Cooper's Hawk Winery, where I split wonderful gnocchi and butternut squash with Linda, then home to try to get some work done, then a hastily planned but long overdue dinner with Karen at Thai House (Jim was away for work, but I brought Paul since I was changing the schedule so last minute). We missed the first couple of innings of the Nationals game, but we saw the good part! Here from Longwood Gardens last weekend are some specimens from the conservatory chrysanthemum show:

2019-10-26 18.28.02
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