November 3rd, 2019


Poem for Sunday and Maryland vs Michigan

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We spent Saturday afternoon in College Park with my parents but no kids, which was a little strange -- I think the last time I was in UMCP's stadium with my father but not one of my sons was when my high school went to the state football championship in 1983. My sister had tickets because Maryland was playing Michigan, of which her husband is an alum and supporter, but since they couldn't go, we got to go instead! In large part because so many locals were at the Nationals victory parade in DC, the stadium had a large percentage of Michigan fans, some of whom were completely obnoxious so we moved away from them -- I expected Maryland to lose as badly as they did but you'd think visitors could have been more about supporting their team than running the home team down.

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The stadium has pretty good veggie burgers and Old Bay to put on the fries, so lunch was better than I was expecting. We left after the third quarter, at which point the Terps had scored one touchdown but Michigan had scored five (they would later add a field goal after putting in their backup quarterback). In happier news, we came home and watched the important part of the Nationals parade, namely the supporters' and players' speeches. Then we went to have pizza with my parents after I did one PoGo Regice raid during the weekend Regigigas event, which I did not pay to take part in. When we got home, we watched the first two episodes of Watchmen, which has some amazing aspects and some that confused me because I never read the comic and the series is radically different from the film.