November 4th, 2019


Poem for Monday and Fredericksburg Autumn

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Quickie after going back and forth between Madam Secretary (I guess that actor wanted to leave but I am bummed about that character being gone) and the Ravens game, which they rather unexpectedly won, and won well, over the Patriots! I had a very nice Sunday: I had an invitation to an EX raid at the Bolger Center at 9:30 a.m., then we went to Fredericksburg to meet Cheryl, Jill, Oscar, and Toni for lunch at Foode in Fredericksburg. Afterward we played Wizards Unite for a few minutes and stopped in a couple of stores -- there are lots of galleries and antique stores, and I wanted to go back to the Irish store since the last time I was in Fredericksburg.

We ended up coming back here for dinner because we had to stop at Giant and do various other chores, then we watched Batwoman, which is still excellent! A few pics from Virginia including a painted rock hidden by The Burg Rocks, the Rappahannock River, historic Shiloh Baptist Church, a Day of the Dead display, and Star Wars figures in an antique store:

2019-11-03 14.16.29
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