November 27th, 2019

green little review

Poem for Wednesday and Cabin John Park

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Daniel has been catching up on Pokemon Sword, so we both had a quiet morning though mine involved slightly more chores. For lunch we went out to the Original Pancake House and worked off the eggs hiking several miles on the Cabin John trail, through the park and around the ice rink and tennis courts. We stopped at Starbucks because we got thirsty from that, then came home for the rest of The Man in the High Castle.

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Paul made chicken paprikash for the carnivores in the family when he got here -- he's working from home on Wednesday though he had to go to the office Tuesday. Afterward, Daniel went to take a shower while we watched The Flash (get the crisis over with already), then we all watched Emergence (get the show over with already, it jumped the shark when it turned into Mommy From Hell drama and made Jo and Emily both stereotypes).