November 30th, 2019


Greetings from Brookside Gardens

My sister's family didn't leave for New York until afternoon, so we had lunch with them at our parents' house after Paul finished his half-day of work -- there were lots of bagels and spreads so fortunately I hadn't eaten breakfast! We got to see a lot of my nieces, which was lovely. Afterward we took Daniel to Brookside Gardens, where we saw the holiday trains in the conservatory, animals in the nature center, and a heron that walked right next to us to get to the creek:

2019-11-29 16.13.17
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We went back to my parents' to eat Thanksgiving leftovers, so I got more sweet potatoes with marshmallows and lots of other food. Then we came home for The Mandalorian, because what is not to love (don't answer that if you have a reply -- I love it) and PBS's Great Performances broadcast of Kinky Boots, which I enjoyed a lot. Now we're watching Brian's Song but we're going to turn it off to watch tomorrow when we're all more awake, since it's rerunning then.