December 4th, 2019


Poem for Wednesday and Great Blue Heron

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My Tuesday was very uneventful, but most of my holiday cards are in the mail -- I'm waiting for Shutterfly to ship the last 10 because I knew they'd have a freebie at some point this past weekend, and those are going to people who are getting packages or who live in the neighborhood so I can hand-deliver them -- and I got some chores done outside the house, so that's all good. My cats all absolutely refused to eat chicken for lunch, making me wonder whether there was something wrong with the can.

We watched The Flash, which wound up the Bloodwork arc with lots of cliches and nothing that moved me, then we watched the end of the season of The Crown, which despite the cast is just so hard to like right now with Prince Andrew all over the news -- their level of denial and self-absorption on the show is insane, I mean, the deaths of children in a mining accident in Wales ends up being all about whether the Queen can cry? Blah. Here's the heron we saw at Brookside Gardens last weekend:

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