December 5th, 2019


Poem for Thursday and Brookside Trolley

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I had a fairly quiet Wednesday so I have not much to blog about. I was going to go see whether Five Below or Tuesday Morning had heating blankets and/or cardboard scratching pads for the feline members of the family, one of whom is still out of sorts about eating and I can't tell whether Daisy's stomach is off or she misses Daniel -- even Effie has been sleeping on his bed, which she never does.

Evening TV included The Masked Singer, on which it remains so ridiculous that Patti LaBelle went home before whoever the Thingamajig is (they're voting off brilliant black women right and left while keeping mediocre men) and Stumptown (NO DEX NO). We need to catch up on Black Lightning before the Crisis starts. From Brookside Gardens' holiday train display, this is Glen Echo Park:

2019-11-29 15.44.19
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