December 18th, 2019

get critical

Poem for Wednesday, Marriage Story, Lewis Ginter Lights

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I had a sonogram on Tuesday, which was no big deal medically -- my doctor just wanted to check some stuff, and the ultrasound doctor said everything looked okay -- but they kept me waiting 20 minutes past my appointment time for nearly 20 minutes, which is even longer than last time, and next time I am going to pee all over the waiting room and the smug little receptionist chatting with the accountant about things they're buying for themselves for Christmas can clean it up. Of course I'd rather have a bad waiting room experience than a bad examining room experience, but it still sucked intensely at the time.

By the time I got out, Goldberg's Bagels was about to close (they sell fresh bagels made that day and close at 3), so I raced over to get some, then went to Dunkin' for a Beyond Sausage sandwich. Then I did a Terrakion raid (I think no Pokemon has ever hated me as much as he does) and came home to do chores. Paul made peanut stew for dinner, which was awesome. Collapse ) On a happier note, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden's holiday lights:

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