December 30th, 2019


Poem for Monday and Holiday Happenings

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It rained hard all morning, so we got a slow start -- the young people were not even downstairs till noon -- then we had a nice busy afternoon, Paul made lunch, we went to Brookside Gardens' conservatory so they could see the holiday flowers and the train display, we stopped at Roots Market since we were up in that direction and got veggie stuff, then we met my elementary school friend Hildy and her husband plus two of her daughters for dinner at Cava (the third stayed back to babysit their dog at her grandparents' house) and talked for over two hours!

So it was awesome to see them, and afterward we came home, lit the menorah, and watched Us, which being a horror movie is really not my thing but which had a lot of very enjoyable performances and was definitely not boring! Here are a few photos of the garden, a post-dinner selfie, the last night of Chanukah, and Katniss watching the movie with Daniel, with whom she begrudgingly agreed to share the couch after having tried to sprawl over the whole thing:

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