January 7th, 2020


Poem for Tuesday and Airport Departures

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Both our kids are back on the west coast. Adam flew out extremely early from Dulles after Katherine's father drove them to the airport from Fredericksburg. Daniel woke up, folded his laundry, and Paul took a long lunch break so we could drive him to National Airport, where we ate at Ben's Chili Bowl before he boarded. The rest of the day was almost entirely made up of chores and I still have so many more laundries to do! We weren't very hungry for dinner after such a big lunch, so we had sandwiches, and I took over the neighborhood PoGo gym.

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Then we watched five minuts of Doctor Who before Cheryl reminded us that the first Winterthur episode of Antiques Roadshow was on. So we watched that and enjoyed it a lot -- one guy's grandfather had a painting by one of the Brandywine River painters -- then returned to Doctor Who, which disappointed me in so many ways, from a return to the Modern Era Doctor Angst that I thought "The Day of the Doctor" had finally wrapped up to the Doctor handing a person of color over to Nazis to be tortured -- I don't care what that person did, that is so not okay.