January 9th, 2020


Poem for Thursday and Mormon Temple Lights

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There was still snow on the minivan when I got up on Wednesday, with a couple of squalls yet to come, so I spent the morning doing chores -- all the holiday laundries are finally folded and put away -- and by the time I was ready to go out, the snow had melted. Not that that stopped me from wearing Cuddl Duds pajama pants in case I had to scrape snow off the rear window. Fortunately, I was only going to the park for a walk and Pokemon raid, and I caught a shiny Heatran!

So, yeah, I did no real work and almost no adulting on Wednesday, but I got a bunch of chores done. After awesome African peanut chick'n for dinner, we watched last night's episode of Emergence, which was better than many of the fall's episodes, plus the new Stumptown, which I pretty much always enjoy, bookending an episode of Marvel's Runaways, which is really well-written at least early in the first season. Here are some of the Mormon Temple's winter holiday lights:

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