January 13th, 2020

green little review

Poem for Monday and Black Hill Park

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The weather on Sunday was as ridiculous for January as the day before, so after lunch Paul and I went to Black Hill Park in Boyds. I wanted to test my new camera -- which I am thinking about returning because it's almost as heavy as the DSLR, so maybe I should just bring the DSLR anywhere I'd take the superzoom -- but of course the eagles were nowhere to be seen! There were geese, ducks, coots, buffleheads, and many songbirds, plus lots of sunshine!

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While we were out, we followed the crazy score of the crazy Kansas City-Houston game, then we came home and had Beyond Burgers for dinner while we watched the almost-as-crazy Green Bay-Seattle game, which was fun to witness but sadly did not end the way Daniel wanted and we were rooting in sympathy with him. So I no longer care at all who wins the Super Bowl, which means I can enjoy the party stress free no matter who's in it! Plus I talked to my college roommate, so it's all good.