January 14th, 2020


Poem for Tuesday and Charlie Brown Christmas

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Running late because of the college football championship (I was rooting for the Tigers, hahahaha...actually I did not care in the least who won, but other people in my household were watching). The most exciting thing that happened to me Tuesday was having the minivan start making a terrifying noise every time I turned the wheel while on my way to the AC Moore going-out-of-business sale, so after buying $8 worth of sparkly beads instead of the useful little black and white beads I was looking for, I went straight to the dealer to get it checked out and waited for Paul to pick me up there.

The Academy Award nominations were a disappointment, though I was very happy to see Jojo Rabbit do as well as it did (a film that apparently directed itself, like Little Women, because heaven forbid we have more than one non-white man in that category, and I might have to root for Joker over repulsive Scorsese). Cory Booker dropping out of the Democratic race is an even bigger disappointment and makes the Democratic field nearly as white as the Oscars. Bah! Before it's too far from Christmas, have some photos of the Charlie Brown Christmas exhibit at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture:

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