January 17th, 2020


Poem for Friday and Riverbend Park

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I lost early breakfast plans on Thursday with a local friend who had to travel unexpectedly, but I still got to spend a lovely afternoon with Denise, who came down so we could go to the mall and look at Valentine's Day stuff before going to an EX raid together in Cabin John Park (she caught a perfect Regigigas, though I can't complain because I caught a shiny Heatran a few minutes later at another raid).

Then we came back to my house and ate Indian Spice 6 bowls while watching The Mandalorian, which she had not seen because she doesn't have Disney+, so we binged the entire thing. After she went home, Paul and I had leftovers for dinner and watched fourth-season Inspector Morse on PBS while I tried to catch up on email. Here are some photos from Riverbend Park last month, including the now-empty eagle nest:

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