January 22nd, 2020


Poem for Wednesday and Brookside Geese

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I went out to lunch with my neighbor Carole and wound up spending a lovely afternoon with her. We went to Mykonos, where I had saganaki and taramasalata while Carole had non-veggie food, and afterward, since we were right nearby, we walked over to Michaels where I was looking for beads and she was looking for a portable glue gun. Then we went to Starbucks before coming home, where I used the beads to fix a necklace.

Daniel wanted to Skype about some long-term travel plans, so Paul and I talked to him after dinner. Then we watched Legends of Tomorrow, which is the most fun of the DC shows these days, and Emergence, which may end for the season or forever next week and I'm ambivalent -- depends how good the finale is! From Brookside Gardens over the chilly weekend, the big flock of geese in the pond by the tea house:

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