January 26th, 2020


Greetings for the Year of the Rat

I'm laughing my ass off during the Adam Driver SNL (Undercover Boss! Medieval Times!) after spending the rest of the evening watching the pairs and ice dance competitions at the US Figure Skating Championships (I'm not a fan of Chock and Bates' free dance -- I'm not even completely sure whose culture they're appropriating -- but their edges are gorgeous, whereas Hubbell and Donohue skate to music I love and they're dramatic and emotive but their footwork just isn't as impressive; I'm biased toward Ponomarenko because I adored his parents but I also thought he and Carreira skated really well, so I'd have given them third and Hawayek/Baker second). So here is the rest of my Saturday celebrating the Year of the Rat, in photos:

2020-01-25 14.33.48
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